masaż nóg bielsko biała

Balinese massage Legendarny masaż balijski

Balinese massage therapy is far from the delicate treatments typical of European massages. Thanks to its intensity, it is effective in reaching deep into strained and loaded muscles to relieve their contraction. In order to reach the deeper tissue of the muscles, the Balinese massage uses a strong acupuncture pressure on the change with the energetic breaking and scattering of muscle tissue. This massage comes from the island of Bali and Java, the technique is one of the massage methods most often chosen by Europeans, it is one of the ancient techniques of traditional treatment of many ailments, which is passed down from generation to generation.
This massage can help fight a wide range of ailments, including: migraines, muscle and joint pain, sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety or depression. It can also be helpful in the treatment of allergies and breathing difficulties. The oils used during the massage have a calming effect and their sensual impact introduces relaxation and a sense of peace.