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Hot Stones Massage Masaż gorącymi Kamieniami

Hot stones massage

Thai hot stone massage is a unique massage using basalt stones, which under the influence of temperature can transmit heat deep into the muscles and tissues. This massage not only relaxes the muscles, but also speeds up the metabolism and regenerates the skin. Hot stone massage has already been used in ancient China. Treatments of this type were also performed by Hawaiian shamans using volcanic rocks. Massage with the use of hot stones has a healthy effect on several groups of internal organs. However, its use is not always recommended. Basalt and white marble are used to massage hot stones. They have a smooth surface, which facilitates their slipping on the skin. The biggest ones are placed on the stomach, the sacrum bone and under the neck. Stones of smaller sizes are held in the hands of the massaged, and even smaller are placed between the toes of the feet and the face. The perfect treatment for cold and cloudy days, we invite you to the Thai and Balinese massage salon KhaiThai in Bielsko-Biała 🙂