masaż bielsko biała

Thai Classic Massage Masaż tajski Klasyczny

Thai classical massage:

Thai massage (or nuat boran – classical massage) arose as a result of the assumption that energy flows through the human body, so it functions properly when energy balance is preserved in it. Techniques used during Thai massage – a combination of ajuwerdy, acupressure and passive yoga (it even accepted to call Thai massage “yoga for the lazy”) is aimed at freeing the body from the tension and allowing energy easier through them. This type of massage is performed on a hard mattress or on a mat arranged on the floor. The person undergoing the treatment is in loose clothing, available in massage rooms – a T-shirt and shorts – and no oils are used during the session. Thai massage is about compressing and stretching the whole body – from the feet, legs, hands, back to the head. After the massage, we can have the impression that we are taller by at least 2 cm 🙂
Why Thai massage?
– the whole body is saved
– leads to the state of inner harmony
-is a powerful injection of energy, stimulating the body to act
– helps in the treatment of depression and emotional disorders
– helps in reducing back and joint pain, contractures of muscles and tendons
-It is recommended for disorders of soft tissues and migraine pain
If Thai massage is only with us: Bielsko Biała Thai and Balinese massage salon Khai Thai.