masaż relaksacyjny bielsko biała

Massage Lomi Lomi Lomi lomi

Relaxing massages are gaining more and more supporters. Hawaiian massage, or lomi lomi massage, also called lomi lomi nui, is completely different than classical massage. “Lomi” is a Hawaiian word that literally means “touch with a soft paw of a satisfied cat”. The massaged person can feel the blissful satisfaction of the massage, which is individually tailored to each person. It is a relaxing massage and relaxation massage, which is supposed to bring rest and relaxation and muscle tension. Before a relaxing massage the masseur talks to the person being massaged, then inform him about the ailments and injuries so that he can approach them in a cautious manner. Hawaiians believe that the massaged body is a temple that deserves respect and care, which is why massage is taken seriously. In our Balinese and Thai massage salon in Bielsko-Biała, we also ask you to inform us about complaints, if any. The duration of the massage is about 90-120 minutes. The Hawaiian lomi lomi massage is performed in the dim light and relaxation music and using essential oils. Before and after the massage, it is advisable to drink a large amount of still mineral water. Lomi lomi massage is usually performed by one masseur, but it is possible to perform it by two people. Hawaiian massage is quite deep, but not painful.
Lomi lomi massage is a relaxing massage, but it also has healing properties:

– it has a positive influence on blood circulation and metabolism,
– helps reduce body fat,
– improves joint mobility and flexibility,
– acted positively on the circulatory and lymphatic system,
– increases energy.

Bielsko-Biała seems from now on one of the few places in Poland where you can feel the beneficial effects of this massage. We invite you 🙂