refleksologia bielsko biała

Massages for pregnant women Masaż dla kobiet w ciąży

Balinese massage for pregnant women

Let yourself take care of yourself at such an extremely important time, which is the initial stage of motherhood. This is when your body needs the most attention and thoughtful care. It is worth spending a little time and finding out how much a relaxing massage can help. Interior tranquility and peace will be useful not only to you, but also to those you care about the most. For pregnant women and just after, Khai Thai has prepared a special offer that will not only help to relax, but also improve the performance of tired muscles and joints and take care of the skin of the most needy ladies. A slow and gentle massage, performed with the use of hypoallergenic aromatic oils, will allow you to rest and strengthen the body. This unique type of Balinese massage, created from scratch for pregnant women, focuses on the areas of our body that are safe to massage. Thanks to the exceptionally long experience in physiotherapeutic work with pregnant women and after pregnancy, we are able to offer a safe form of massage combining relaxation and therapeutic values. The treatment also has a regenerative effect on the skin – it helps to reduce cellulite, minimize the occurrence of stretch marks and illuminates the complexion. An excellent proposition nourishing for tired skin, mind and body.

Leg massage for pregnant women

Foot reflexology is an effective and safe method of therapy for everyone, especially during pregnancy, providing excellent support for mother and child. It’s about compressing the right points on your feet, called reflections. Each of these points corresponds to a specific organ, internal organ or body part. Reflexology as a science deals with the principles of work of these reflections and offers the knowledge necessary to recognize the causes of their hypersensitivity. Why should I use reflexology during pregnancy? Pregnancy is an absolutely unique period in the life of every woman. It is also the time of many changes taking place in the body. Reflexology treatments are extremely helpful during pregnancy, because they have an extremely positive effect on both mother and child. The treatment is very relaxing and calming before, during and after delivery. It reduces the stress and anxiety that may arise during this period, which helps to reduce the discomfort of any ailments that usually arise during pregnancy. With time, the child grows, the stomach grows larger due to which the internal organs have less and less space and it is more difficult for them to function properly. Through pressure on them, unpleasant symptoms on the part of the body can appear. Reflexology helps to alleviate or prevent the discomfort associated with these dysfunctions and lead the body to balance. A woman who feels relaxed and happy during pregnancy, gives the child peace and fullness of life from the very beginning.